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The Jim Falls Paper Prize

In 2001, the members of MAMA created the Jim Falls Paper Prize, to be awarded to the best paper delivered at the annual conference by a Graduate student.

The prize includes a monetary award of $100.

Graduate students are encouraged to send a completed copy of their paper along with their name, university institution and graduate status and address to Linda E. Mitchell.

Please do not submit an entry if you have previously received this award.

The paper you submit should be the paper you intend to present at the MAMA XXXVI Annual Conference.

Past Winners Include:
2014   Don Allmon, University of Kansas
           "The Only Good Werewolf: Humans, Dogs, and Monsters in ‘Bisclavret’ and ‘Sir Gowther.’"

2013   Nina Verbanaz, University of Central Missouri
           "Envisaging Eternity: Salian Women’s Religious Patronage"

2012   Bianca Lopez, Washington University in St. Louis
           "As if Drinking Christian Blood: Sermons and Jewish Neighbors in Late Medieval Perugia"

2011   AnnaLinden Weller, Rutgers University
           "Transmittable Apocalypses: Byzantine Political Authority and the Co-Option of Western Eschatological Narrative in the First Crusade"

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